Add new user & make user admin

Adding new users is a quick and simple task once you know your way round the operating system. This example is done in Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS.

1 Open Users & Groups

Firstly, open gnome-launcher and type in the search box at the top users which will then bring up the option for Users and Groups.


2 Add user

This will then bring up a seperate window with any users already created along with the account type and password details. From here, you want to go ahead and click the Add box (you may be asked to type your password in).



3 Fill in details

Give the new user a display name, username and in the next window a password.

The password must consist of:

  • A mix of at least 5 lower and upper case letters from the alphabet
  • A numerical value or character



4 Administrative privileges

Once the new user has been created, it'll appear in the list next to the previously generated accounts.The next stage if you want to give that user administative privileges is to:

1. Click on the user that needs permissions changed in the User and Groups window

2. Next to the account type, click on the Change... box (you may need to put the password in for the account you're currently logged in as)

3. Click on Administrator and then click OK


5 Sign in as new user

Log out your current account and you shall see the newly generated account which you can login with using the credentials you setup.

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