Solus Budgie - screenshot function key issue

The screenshot shortcut currently does not work with Solus Budgie 3.9999 on Star Labs laptops. This guide will talk you through how to resolve this issue.

1 Open keyboard Settings

Open the Budgie Launcher and click on Settings. On the left menu, navigate to:

Devices > Keyboard

2 Change the current shortcut

The first thing to do is to change the existing screenshot shortcut. Scroll down the list until you find Save a screenshot to Pictures. This will be currently mapped to Print.

Click Save a screenshot to Pictures and you will be prompted to set a new key for this shortcut.

We recommend using the F12 key as its unlikely to interfere with anything but you can chose any unused key.

3 Create a new shortcut

Next, scroll down to the bottom of the list and click the + icon.

Enter the name of the custom shortcut as Screenshot and the command as:


4 Set the new key

Then click on Set Shortcut. Press the Screenshot function key to set the new shortcut.


Feb 23, 2021

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