StarBook Mk VI


We're just waiting on the pre-clearance and expect this to be complete by tomorrow. Once that's done, we'll be able to confirm flight times and offer precise arrival dates.

Nov 30, 2022 4:53 pm

The shipment has been split, and we're just waiting on clearance and flight availability; these are running well, so we expect the shipment to be on its way to us next week.

To further clarify, there aren't "batches" - all the pre-orders will be shipped together and dispatched in the order they were received.

Nov 24, 2022 5:08 pm

The ETA for the parts is the 24th of November, so we will split the shipment to avoid this delay. Another update will follow shortly once we know transit times.

Nov 17, 2022 9:24 pm

Our factory has resolved all bar one of the points raised in QC. These components have yet to arrive for them to complete the last points.

We will receive an update tomorrow on these arrival times and will post an update accordingly. Should the arrival time be outside this week, we will split the shipment to avoid further delays.

To pre-empt some questions, the transit time from our factory to us is 2-3 working days. There are more than enough ready (and perfect) to fulfil all the pending orders; our desire to keep the batch together is to minimise clearance times.

Nov 16, 2022 5:04 pm


In QC, we discovered that the PSP was locking specific registers that would make it impossible to install coreboot (it's not a Linux laptop if it doesn't run coreboot!).

Fortunately, after three days and not much sleep, we resolved the issue.

QC did pick up a handful of points, and our factory is now adjusting these; this will push us back around a week.

That has them landing in the UK between the 11th and 18th of November. We are beyond ready!

Oct 28, 2022 12:16 pm

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