LVFS: Requirements

The main program for installing updates is called fwupd, and there are a few other components that are needed depending on the type of update.

coreboot requirements

  • flashrom must be installed. The version of flashrom depends on the processor, but as a general rule, the version of flashrom needs to have been released after the processor was. The version readily available on most distributions at the time of writtin this, is v1.2 which is almost 3 years old. The are steps below which cover installing a more recent version for popular distributions.

ITE requirements (only for standalone EC updates)

  • The disk cannot be encrypted with LUKS
  • Plymouth must be installed and active

AMI requirements

  • None
Ubuntu, Linux Mint, elementary OS, Zorin OS and other Ubuntu derivatives
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:starlabs/main
sudo add-apt-repository universe
sudo apt update
sudo apt install fwupd libflashrom1
Manjaro 21
sudo pacman -Syu flashrom-starlabs
Debian 11, MX Linux

Please use our pre-built packages, which you can find here

Fedora 39

You need to install fwupd, flashrom and fwupd-plugin-flashrom. Please install flashrom from copr://starlabs/flashrom

Mar 1, 2024

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