What do the LEDs mean?

This guide explains the meaning behind the LED behaviors on your device.

Power LED

  • Off: The device is in the (Soft Off).
  • Pulsing: Indicates the device is in S3 (Suspend).
  • Flickering: The device is changing between power states.
  • On: The device is in S0 (On).

Charging LEDs

  • Red: Charging normally.
  • Blue: Charging has reached the upper limit of the battery.
  • Purple: Overcharge protection is active.
  • Red/Blue Alternating: No battery present.
  • Red Flickering: The battery is low.
  • Red/Purple/Blue Alternating: Battery is calibrating.

Special Combinations

  • Power LED/Red/Blue Flicker: The device is entering the G3 (mechanical off).
Mar 15, 2024

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