Byte Mk II - Complete Disassembly Guide

To complete the disassembly you will need a Phillips ph0 screwdriver.

To begin, place the Byte on a soft protected surface to avoid any possible scratching of the finish.

  1. Turn the Byte over so the bottom of the chassis faces upwards towards you.  byte_2.jpg
  2. Remove the 4 x long Phillips screws from the backplate in each corner. byte_3.jpg byte_4.jpg
  3. Carefully remove the backplate by gently pressing around the DisplayPort/HDMI port to release the PCBA from the chassis.  byte_5.jpg byte_6.jpg
  4. Press the silver clamp attached to the DisplayPort to lift the PCBA carefully above the chassis. Please remember that you don't want to remove the PCBA entirely away from the chassis as the antennas connecting to the wireless card are also soldered to the side of the casing. byte_7.jpg byte_8.jpg
  5. Unscrew the SSD screw and remove the SSD. byte_9.jpg
  6. Remove the wireless card by first carefully lifting off the antennas. TIP: A small flathead screwdriver would assist well with this action. byte_10.jpg
  7. Unscrew the wireless card screw and remove the wireless card card. byte_11.jpg
  8. Remove Memory: Press the silver clips on either side down and outwards to release the memory, then slide it out. byte_12.jpg  byte_13.jpg
  9. Disassembly is now complete. byte_14.jpg
Mar 8, 2024

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